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China National Institute of Education Sciences and the National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow) would like to cordially invite you to attend the Second Russia-China Education Research Conference, which will be held in Moscow on September 26–28, 2019.

The integration of ICT in education, which has been underway for several decades, has now reached a new quality level. The transition from a simple replacement of outdated information tools to digital ones, to the full use of the potential of digital technologies for a fundamental renewal of education, has begun. Today, the digital technology supports changes in the content, methodology and organization of educational practices, which would have been impossible without the ICT use. This process is in general defined as the digital transformation of education. It leads to radical changes in the everyday work of educational organizations and significantly improve their operations. Digital transformation promises to ensure equal access to quality education for all, as well as the achievement of the required educational results for each student. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the frontier technological breakthroughs. It is one of the most promising areas for educational research and development.

The 2019 Conference participants will engage in vibrant, multi-format discussions of current trends and opportunities that educational landscapes in Russia and China are facing in today’s technological saturated world.

The conference solicits empirical and theoretical papers particularly (but not exclusively) on the following topics: digital transformation of education and potential of AI to support research and application:

  1. Digital transformation and equal access to quality education
  2. Legal, policy and ethical instruments of digital transformation in education
  3. Models of learning within digital transformation
  4. AI impact on teaching and new pedagogical opportunities
  5. Digital transformation and innovative use of data

Conference is supported by

Axel Berg Institute of Cybernetics and Educational Computing 

Kazan Federal University

Moscow City Teacher Training University

Moscow University of Psychology and Pedagogy

Russian Association of Educational Research

Important dates

  • August 20, 2019

    Deadline for registration for participants with reports

  • August 30, 2019

    Notification of acceptance

  • September 10, 2019

    Conference programme publication

  • September 24, 2019

    Deadline for registration for participants without reports

  • September 26–27, 2019

    The 2nd Russia-China Education Research Conference

  • October 2019

    Invitation to publish articles in 'Informatics and Education' Journal

Local Organizing Committee

E-mail: digtrans2019@gmail.com

Programme Committee

Isak Froumin

Co-Chair, HSE

Cui Baoshi

Co-Chair, NIES

Alexander Uvarov

Deputy Chair, HSE

Wang Yan


Wang Su


Ivan Karlov


Peter Polozhevets

Executive Director at Sberbank’s Charitable Foundation «Investment to the Future» and the General Director of ANO «New School Platform».


11 Myasnitskaya Ulitsa, Moscow, Russian Federation